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Blogs accepted into this ring concern and relate to genealogy and family history or are members of the Geneabloggers group.

WebRing offers a unique way to connect and link all Geneabloggers blogs so that you may read, learn and comment on all of your favorite geneablogs with one click. WebRing is designed to generate more traffic to your blog and improve search results. You can increase your mainstream search engine rank, too. Your site gains hits through its connection to all other blog sites in this ring. Members will be able to browse, review, comment and communicate with other geneabloggers easily through ring navigation.

The sites admitted to this ring are members of Geneabloggers or have a genealogy blog. Each site is part of the Geneabloggers WebRing community. Traffic is best shared between all the sites when each member makes an effort to participate. All members should navigate Geneabloggers WebRing weekly, review members sites, and comment on other members blogs posts.

Geneabloggers WebRing FAQ
What am I supposed to do after signing up?

1. Add the navigation code to your site. (All members are required to use the SSNB type of navigation code and the VERTICAL code.)

2. Verify that the navigation code is properly inserted by using WebRing wizard found on the URLs tab of your My Account page.

3. Verify that the NavBar is fully visible and operational on your registered URL - you may use a vertical or horizontal bar and or a static blog page to add your code.*

4. Visit the ring you want to join and apply to it. - Essentially, you have accomplished this if you have read this page!

5. Wait for the ring's manager to either approve or deny your application.

Once you have inserted your code into your blog page, you may "switch on" the vertical code easily by activating a check box in the URL heading of your account. Access this from clicking, "My Account", then click on the heading, "URL". It is in the middle of the page: Rings - Memberships - URLS - Webspace. Scroll to the URL you submitted to this ring, click on "edit settings", scroll down the page to the check box that reads, Check here if you would like to use the vertical version of the navbar, if it's available . Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "change Selected Fields". That's it! The vertical code should appear on your blog. All members are required to use the SSNB type of navigation code and the VERTICAL code.

Where to begin?
Join Geneabloggers Webring

Create a page on your blog for your webring code OR place the code in an HTML widget. You also have the option of the VERTICAL widget code.  Make sure that the URL to your blog is the same URL that you submitted.  You may change the URL on the webring page marked URL under your My Account page on

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